Technology, Software & Data Privacy

The Law Office of Nicholas J. Vail, PLLC assists Software Developers, IT Consultants, Support Providers, Website Developers, Businesses, Social Media Influencers, Online Marketing Agencies, and more with their Technology, Software, SaaS, Website, and Data Privacy needs:


Technology, Software, and SaaS Agreements

 Like the law, the technology and software landscape is constantly advancing. Companies developing software, providing SaaS offerings, licensing or distributing products, or offering IT consulting or support services need trustworthy legal counsel when negotiating contracts or contemplating company actions. Some common agreements the Firm assists clients with include the following:

 - Master Service Agreements

- Work Orders

- Order Forms

- Software License Agreements

- Software Development Agreements

- Software-as-a-Service(SaaS) Agreements

- Subscription Agreements

- End User License Agreements (EULAs)

- Third-Party Distribution Agreements

- Third-Party Licensing Agreements

- Data Processing Agreements

- Data Processing Addendums

- Privacy Policies (including EU GDPR, UK GDPR, and CCPA policies)

- Joint Venture Agreements

- Reseller Agreements

- IT Support Service Agreements

- Software Support Service Agreements

- SaaS Support Services Agreements

- IT Consulting Agreements

- Website Terms of Use

- Software Terms of Use

- SaaS Terms of Use

- Terms and Conditions


Data Privacy Compliance  

Jurisdictions throughout the United States and around the world are increasingly enacting stringent data privacy protection laws, such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) or California’s Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”). For companies with a web presence, such laws can govern data processing activities even where the processing was unintentional. This is especially true for companies which may have a national or international reach. Accordingly, it is imperative that companies implement and maintain updated Privacy Policies, Security Policies, Cookie Policies, Notices, and related agreements that comply with all jurisdictions in which they may process or collect customer and user data. The Firm assists businesses of all types with creating and maintaining Privacy Policies, Security Policies, Data Processing Addendums, and Notices that are compliant with both local and foreign jurisdictions.  


Websites, Social Media, Online Marketing & Reviews

Maintaining a web presence is imperative for all types of business. Whether you’re creating a website, launching an advertising campaign, or acting as an influencer, the Law Office of Nicholas J. Vail, PLLC can help. For companies creating websites, the Firm assists with Website Development Contracts, Terms of Use, Privacy Polices, Cookie Policies, Vendor Agreements, and related contracts. The Firm can also help with resolving issues involving negative or misleading customer reviews. For Social Media and online advertising, the Firm assists businesses and individuals with both creating legal advertising campaigns and navigating Influencer Contracts, Social Media Contracts, Marketing Agreements, and more.