Real Estate

The Firm’s Real Estate Practice Encompasses A Wide Range Of Offerings Designed To Assist Parties Involved In Both Residential And Commercial Real Estate Transactions, Including Buyers, Sellers, Developers, Investors, Managers, Landlords, Tenants, Joint Ventures, And More, Navigate Real Estate Purchases, Leasings, Investments, And Developments.

Because laws and regulations governing real estate can differ from city to city and county to county, and can regularly change, it is important that real estate stakeholders have a trusted advisor to keep them appraised of the laws and regulations that impact their properties. To that end, the Firm counsels a wide variety of real estate clients, including short term rental owners, raw land investors, property investors, home owners associations, joint ventures, and others, with buying, selling, leasing, and managing both commercial and residential real estate properties.

Like other areas of the law, rights in real estate are often governed by written agreements and documents. Accordingly, the Firm commonly assists with preparing, negotiating, and reviewing real estate documents, including Purchase and Sale Agreements, Residential and Commercial Leases, Assignments, HOA Agreements, Partywall Agreements, Joint Tenant and Tenants in Common Agreements, Cohabitation Agreements, Property Deeds, Joint Venture Agreements, Insurance Policies, Management Agreements, and more, to both structure new deals in accordance with client wishes, and to advise clients of their rights under existing agreements.

Additionally, the Firm also regularly provides legal opinions and guidance to clients regarding real estate questions, including those involving zoning, leasing, short term rental licensing, ownership, and use issues. For investors and developers, the Firm also assists with forming LLCs (including series LLCs), corporations, trusts, and other legal entities to act as holding, management, and investment companies. For property owners, the Firm also assists with preparing and filing property deeds, including quitclaim deeds and beneficiary deeds, whether as part of an investment strategy or estate plan.

Although the above are just a few examples of how the Firm assists its real estate clients, the Firm is ready and prepared to assist with other real estate matters sent its way. Accordingly, if you need assistance with a real estate transaction, investment, legal question, or other issue, contact the Firm here to learn more.