Real Estate

The firm is experienced in representing buyers, sellers, developers, and investors in the purchase, sale, and development of real property. The firm also represents and advises commercial and residential landlords and tenants in navigating lease disputes.

Other real estate services include:

Commercial Lease Negotiation, Drafting, and Review
The firm assists landlords and tenants in negotiating and drafting commercial leases that best protect your interests. The firm also advises landlords and tenants of their rights under existing commercial leases regarding issues involving topics such as property improvements and maintenance, common area costs, rights of access, breach and termination, insurance, rent and credits, and franchise addendums.

Landlord/Tenant Disputes
The firm represents landlords and tenants in navigating lease disputes of all kinds for both for commercial and residential properties.

Letters of Intent (LOIs), Terms Sheets, Purchase and Sale Agreements
The firm assists with drafting, negotiating, and reviewing Letters of Intent, Term Sheets, Purchase and Sale Agreements, and other documents used to explore, facilitate, and close real estate deals.

Series LLC and Real Estate Joint Ventures Formation and Structuring
For individuals or entities involved in purchasing or developing real property, structuring a legal entity to facilitate the deal is often essential and can carry numerous benefits. The firm is experienced in helping form and structure series LLCs, joint ventures, and other legal entities to help facilitate and protect real property purchases and investments.

Insurance Coverage for Commercial Property
As a former insurance coverage attorney for large-loss energy and commercial property insurance claims, Nick, the firm’s founder, is intimately familiar with the workings of commercial property insurance policies and claims. Whether you are a policy-holder, policy-issuer, or individual or business purchasing business or property insurance, the Law Office of Nicholas J. Vail, PLLC can assist with analyzing and understanding insurance policies or issuing or responding to reservation of rights letters, position letters, or coverage opinions.

Home Owners Associations

Nick assists home owners associations (HOAs) throughout all stages of development and with preparing bylaws; declarations of covenants, conditions, and restrictions (“CC&Rs”); community policies; deeds; and board resolutions. Nick also provides pre-litigation services to HOAs and homeowners who need to understand their legal rights and positions under their relevant governance documents.