Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Mergers and Acquisitions(“M&A”)

 The Firm provides counsel to both buyers and sellers involved in merger and acquisition transactions.

The Firm has assisted clients with transactions across a variety of industries, and has successfully helped close transactions totaling millions of dollars. Whether you or your business is exploring a deal worth thousands of dollars or millions, the Law Office of Nicholas J. Vail, PLLC stands ready to assist with navigating all phases of a merger or acquisition transaction. From negotiating letters of intent, to drafting purchase agreements and closing documents, to submitting permit applications and more, the Firm is ready to assist clients from exploration through closing on deals both large and small.

In addition to drafting and negotiating purchase agreements structured as both asset sales and equity sales, the Firm also assists clients with ancillary documents commonly involved in M&A deals including:

- Terms Sheets;

- Letters of Intent;

- Promissory Notes;

- Security Agreements;

- Bills of Sale;

- Assignment and Assumption Agreements;

- Corporate Resolutions;

- Intellectual Property (IP) Assignments;

- Employment Agreements;

- Commercial Leases;

- Subordination Agreements;

- Standby Creditor Agreements;

- Loan Agreements;

- Permit Applications; and more.


To learn more about how the Firm may be able to assist you with a merger, acquisition, or other M&A transaction, contact the Firm today.


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