Business & Corporate

The Law Office of Nicholas J. Vail, PLLC helps individuals and businesses of all size and across a wide range of industries achieve their legal objectives. Although the firm’s business practice is not limited to the below areas, some of the firm’s common services and capabilities include:

Contract Review, Drafting, and Negotiation

The firm offers comprehensive contract support to individuals and businesses across a wide range of industry. Whether you are seeking an attorney to review or revise a contract, negotiate an agreement, or draft a custom contract that serves your business’s specific needs, the Law Office of Nicholas J. Vail, PLLC can help.

Business Formation, Governance, and Organization

When it comes to forming, dissolving, restructuring, or growing your business, the Law Office of Nicholas J. Vail, PLLC can help ensure your business is properly set up and structured to meet your specific needs. The firm offers a wide range of assistance with, among other things, business entity filings for LLCs, corporations, and partnerships; drafting operating agreements; obtaining business licenses; submitting foreign entity applications; assisting with corporate bylaws and structuring; and creating investor subscription agreements and other equity documents.

Business Startups

As a small business owner himself, Nick, the firm’s founder, takes great pride in helping other entrepreneurs, innovators, artists, creators, and small business owners launch and grown their enterprises by offering a full range of start-up business services. Whether you need help forming, organizing, growing, or protecting your new business, as both an attorney and small business owner, Nick has the knowledge and experience to help you get your business up and running. For more information on the firm’s start-up services, click here.

Employment Issues

The firm offers a wide range of support for contract-related employment issues including drafting and reviewing employment contracts, separation agreements,
nondisclosure agreements (NDAs), independent contractor agreements, and non-compete agreements. The firm also offers support in the form of reviewing and drafting company-specific employment policies and handbooks and can assist with creating and implementing equal employment, non-discrimination, non-harassment, and other employment policies.

Insurance Coverage

As a former insurance coverage attorney for large-loss energy and commercial property insurance claims, Nick, the firm’s founder, is intimately familiar with the workings of commercial property insurance policies and claims. Whether you are a policy-holder, policy-issuer, or individual or business purchasing business, property, or other insurance, the Law Office of Nicholas J. Vail, PLLC can assist with analyzing and understanding insurance policies or issuing or responding to reservation of rights letters, position letters, and coverage opinions.

Entertainment, Media, Technology, and the Arts

The firm takes pride in assisting entrepreneurs, creators, artists, influencers, and innovators involved in entertainment, media, music, technology, social media, and the arts. The firm offers support and guidance in forming legal entities to facilitate creativity, protecting proprietary ideas and products, and advising on issues such as equity, investment, and entertainment and technology contracts including licensing agreements, terms of use agreements, nondisclosure agreements, and others.

Real Estate

The firm represents buyers, sellers, developers, and investors involved in real estate purchases and management and offers assistance with real estate contracts including letters of intent, term sheets, joint venture agreements, and purchase and sale contracts. The firm also has experience advising commercial landlords regarding landlord/tenant disputes, commercial lease negotiations, and contract drafting. To learn more about the firm’s real estate offerings, click here.

Legal Research Opinions & Reports

Businesses often encounter unique situations where the best path forward isn’t always clear. In such situations, a legal opinion clearly detailing the legal issues and laying out the best bases for moving forward may provide a business with the clarity and support it needs to take action. The Law Office of Nicholas J. Vail, PLLC can provide formal legal opinions and reports regarding legal research questions to quickly and confidently help guide your business through precarious situations.

General Counsel Services

For businesses and individuals that have ongoing legal needs, the Law Office of Nicholas J. Vail, PLLC offers general counsel services to serve as outside general counsel on an as-needed basis. As outside counsel, the firm can advise on day-to-day issues while also becoming intimately familiar with the workings of your business in order to better serve your needs.