Entertainment Law

What is Entertainment Law

The term “entertainment law” encompasses a wide range of industries including music, film, literature, art, sports, theater, design, and everything in between. Nick has represented screenwriters, musicians, designers, artists, actresses, municipal art districts, and writers in a variety of contractual matters. Nick also regularly volunteers with the Colorado and Texas Attorneys for the Arts and is passionate about, and appreciative of, his clients' contributions to the arts and their communities.

Entertainment Law Services

Although there are too many potential agreements to list here, some of the more common entertainment contracts Nick assists with preparing, negotiating, and navigating including:

-       Purchase Agreements

-       Option Agreements,

-       First-Look Agreements

-       Licensing Agreements

-       Publishing Agreements

-       Distribution Agreements

-       Performance Agreements

-       Work-For-Hire Contracts 

Nick is also able to advise on general business and intellectual property matters, including copyright and trademark. If you’re an artist, athlete, performer, or creative, let Nick handle your legal matters so that you can focus on what you do best. Contact the Firm today to learn more.