Startup Law

Starting a business can be one of the most rewarding and exciting steps you can take in your professional career. However, the process of launching a business can also involve difficult questions regarding how to properly set-up, structure, fund, protect, and operate the business while also figuring out how to navigate the numerous legal formalities that often serve as roadblocks to getting a business up and going.

As someone who walked away from the corporate ladder to pursue his dream of owning his own business, Nick, the firm’s founder, understands the unique challenges that accompany launching a start-up business. Nick takes great pride in assisting founders, entrepreneurs, creators, start-ups, individuals, and small businesses in pursuing their own passions.

Whether you’ve just begun thinking about launching a business, or have already taken the first steps, the Law Office of Nicholas J. Vail, PLLC can help. The firm’s comprehensive services for start-up businesses include:

Entity Formation and Filings - Guidance and assistance with LLC, corporation, and partnership formation filings and articles of incorporation; entity name availability search and reservation; employer identification number (EIN) procurement; foreign entity registration; entity dissolution; and business license applications.

Entity Governance - Counsel, review, and drafting of Company Agreements, Operating Agreements, Partnership Agreements, Joint Venture Contracts, Corporate Bylaws, Corporate Resolution, and other contracts.

Entity Funding/Investor Agreements -Advice and preparation regarding Shareholder Agreements, Subscription Agreements, Equity/Stock Purchase Agreements, and other investor and equity documents.

Employment Agreements and Policies - Employment Agreement drafting and counsel, including Non-Compete Agreements (NDAs), Separation Agreements, Confidentiality Agreements, Independent Contractor Agreements, and Intern Agreements. Company Employment Policy review and drafting, including equal employment, anti-harassment,
and disability policies.

Entity Operations - Assistance with Commercial Leases, Insurance Contracts, and Vendor Agreements.

Client Service Contracts and Agreements - Drafting and review services for User Agreements, Sales Contracts, Service Contracts, and Licensing and Use Agreements.

Entity Protection - Assistance with Copyright Registration, Confidentiality Agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), Disclaimers, Terms of Service, Demand Letters, Cease and Desist Letters, and other legal correspondence.

General Counsel - Provide advice as outside general counsel on an as-needed basis to help tackle any business needs.

Contact the firm today to learn how the Law Office of Nicholas J. Vail, PLLC can help get your business off the ground.