Appellate Law

The prospect of pursuing or defending an appeal can be both daunting and confusing. The Law Office of Nicholas J. Vail, PLLC can help.

An appeal is the legal process of asking a higher court to review a decision or ruling of a lower court. Unlike trials—which are heavily focused on issues of fact—appeals generally concern issues of law and procedure. Because the focus and procedures involved in appeals differ significantly from those of trials, an experienced appellate attorney is essential to navigating the appellate process.

As a former briefing attorney for Texas’ Eleventh Court of Appeals, Nick, the firm’s founder, has first-hand knowledge of the appellate court process in which appellate courts review, analyze, and rule on appeals. As an appellate court briefing attorney, Nick was tasked with assisting the court’s justices by reviewing appellate briefs and trial records, preparing for oral arguments, and helping draft the court’s written opinions describing the court’s holdings on appeals.

Nick now uses that insight and experience to assist individuals and businesses throughout Texas and Colorado in the appellate process.

From providing you with an honest assessment of your case, to diligently reviewing the trial court record and carefully drafting an appellate brief, Nick will help you present the strongest argument possible on appeal while keeping you informed of your case and appraised of the appellate process.

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